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Local Radar Image

Current Local Radar Image


State Radar Loop

Current State Radar Image


Regional Radar Loop

Current Regional Radar Image


National Radar Image

Current National Radar Image


National Surface Analysis

Current South East Radar Image

Radar Images

Differential Reflectivity
Base Velocity 0.5
Echo Tops
Correlation Coefficient

Differential Reflectivity

Base Velocity

Echo Tops

Correlation Coefficient

Integrated Liquid Hydro Classification 1 Hour Precipitation Storm Total Precipitation

Integrated Liquid

Hydro Class

1 Hour Precip

Storm Total

Updated every 15 minutes


Local Forecast

Surface Analysis

Current Surface Analysis

Blackmore WX METAR

Blackmore WX METAR

Regional IR SAT Loop

Regional IR SAT Loop

National IR SAT Loop

National IR SAT Loop

Atlantic Ocean IR SAT

Atlantic Ocean IR SAT Image

World IR SAT

World IR SAT Image

Current Watches

Current Weather Watches

Mesoscale Discussions

Mesoscale Discussions

Local Lightning

Local Lightning Strikes

Virginia Coastal METAR

Current Virginia Coastal Area Weather

Florida METAR
East Cost METAR


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